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How to take Beautiful Home Photos

July 19, 2021 |Sammy Kimani

How to take Beautiful Home Photos

Photography is one of those fine art forms that most people think is easy to do … until they give it a try. If you are a short-term rental homeowner running an Airbnb business, you know how difficult it can be to truly portray how gorgeous your living room is on your smart phone or on that digital camera you bought ages ago. Even if you do invest in great equipment, it really won’t make a difference unless you know how to use it. Want to understand why your shots aren’t turning out like those you see on Airbnb’s website homepage? Odds are, you’re making a few errors that are fairly common among newbie photographers. 

Luckily, the cool peeps at Photos by Amaze are here to help with some tips on how to improve your home photography by highlighting 4 key areas:

1. Light
2. Focus and Exposure
3. Staging
4. Composition. 

For this article, we will focus on the first tip – Lighting – then dive into the remaining ones in subsequent posts.

1. Light

Natural light is the secret sauce to nailing your home photography! Generally, there is a time in the day when almost every room in a house gets “good light.” Usually, this is when the sun is coming in and the space is more luminous than when there is no sunlight. You can open window coverings to let in as much natural light as possible and reveal the outside view.

Sunlight infuses a shot with energy and warmth, telling a more compelling story. This may mean you have to wait a few hours to get a better shot. If you have the time, it’s always worth it.

Soft light is the key:

You want the light to be ‘soft’. This is basically when the light is more even in that room, with little or no harsh shadows being cast. Soft light makes the shots more flattering. The aim is to try to match the exterior and interior light as much as possible. Early evening or late afternoon is the ideal time to shoot an interior or exterior. After sunset can also be fun for an exterior if you’re shooting an area with porch lights or other outdoor lighting.

Use available light:

Make use of available light sources in the room to brighten up the space. Turn on lamps to add warmth in dark spaces or highlight unique lighting fixtures. Even with sunlight pouring in, a bedside lamp in the corner can help balance the exposure within the room.

The Right Weather:

Great weather can make a real difference to the quality of the images. I would say that good weather is more important when shooting exteriors. If there is no sun, the light is very flat. 

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